Choosing Audio Equipment To Compliment Your Lifestyle

Here at Gutwallow you know we are avid consumers of all types of media, whether it’s the latest HBO series or the newest Beyonce album; if it’s hot, we have got to have it!

From vinyl to Steven King novels, we are consummate consumers of all things pop culture. If we did have to choose a medium that we prefer above them all however it would probably be music. We just can’t help it, when music moves us in a way where we can’t help but tap a foot or break out into a full-blown salsa dance.

So, when our Editor in Chief Karen recently upgraded her iPhone, she nearly had an existential meltdown when she realized she couldn’t enjoy her music with her old headphones like she used to. Without music, her life would have been meaningless. For a woman with big bright curly hair, red lipstick and a flair for Latin drumbeats, this simply was not a possibility.

Thankfully, we work as a team here so we quickly got to work researching what type of headphones could work with her new iPhone. We quickly ruled out Bluetooth headsets because of their inferior audio quality and the fact that they have to consistently be recharged. Given our Editor can barely remember to keep her phone charged (she’s got battery banks stored EVERYWHERE) using Bluetooth was just not an option.

So we had to look for a corded, lightning-connected type of headphone to suit her particular needs. Did such a thing even exist? We were sweating, and so was Karen. Thankfully, one of our interns stumbled upon a fabulous resource for just this problem called Apparently “cans” is an industry slang term for “headphones”, which made sense as the whole site featured only Lightning-tipped headphones. We compared headphones with their handy comparison chart and soon we knew we were on to something here. The world wasn’t going to end after all!

In the end, after much debate among staff and interns alike, we decided on surprising Karen and ordering what we determined to be the best set for her (medium price range, feature packed, even including an EQ app, which is perfect because she absolutely LOVES apps as well!) would be the Fidelio M2L unit from Philips. karens new headphones

Sure, Philips isn’t the most “flashy” brand out there, but that’s fine with us because what they lack in “style” they make up in “detail”. The specs on these headphones were so impressive we knew they’d be perfect for our Editor as she could use them just as easily in the office, walking home (she lives down the block) or even relaxing at home on the couch (if she ever does that, we’re not sure she even sleeps).

In the end we ended up giving them to her last Friday as her birthday was the following Sunday and we couldn’t wait any longer to see how she liked her new headphones.

Needless to say she was pretty ecstatic. After opening them up and pluggin them in to her play her favorite “Ricky Martin” track she promptly gave everyone big hugs and big red lipstick-imprinted kisses on the cheek. She’s a vibrant woman and it seems these headphones were just what she needed.

If you are shopping around for something to plug into your new iPhone 7 then we’d recommend you check out just like we did as they break down what is available and the pros and cons to make your research all the easier.





What Is The Best Material For Gun Case

What is the best type of gun case for the view best ar 15 scope seem to be the question that has been asked for years and the answers still always depends. Some people, especially newbie always ask about what type of gun case materials that they should use plastic, metal, or a classic presentation case. As mentioned earlier that type of gun case really depends on what and where you are going to shoot.

If you are the person who travel frequently, so you need kind of case that could provide extreme protection to your gun. If you have to use metal case, I really mean the good one, not something that you can buy anywhere at very cheap price. The reason that I encourage to use metal case is metal case has strong and very tough exterior.

It is quite strange to see that there are plenty of tests and reviews of gun cases by comparing various types of gun case materials. I still remain insist that using metal is the best, especially when you travel by airplane as we could not expect that what is going to happened with the gun, so using the hardest material case is probably the best way of protection.

In case if you have very limited budget and unable to buy an expensive good metal case, you can use plastic case, but I strongly recommend that using plastic case is suitable for only when you leave your gun at home or travel in very short distance. But if you have a plan for long trip just go for metal case. However, if you already have plastic case and you want to carry it with you for a long trip, instead of buy a new metal case, you may use the existing plastic one but add additional material that is thick, high density foam to absorb the hits your case will take in baggage handling.

The only way to keep up with the latest about gun case is you have to constantly in touch with new information. It won\’t take long for you to become an expert if you read everything you find about this topic. Just think about what you\’ve read and learnt form the above article and consider it is whether what you exactly wanted. If you\’ve picked some important points that I have mentioned and then you can put into action, and then by all means, do so. If you don\’t use it, you won\’t really be able to gain any benefits from your new knowledge.

Some people, especially newbie always ask about what type of gun case materials that they should use plastic, metal, or a classic presentation case. It is quite strange to see that there are plenty of tests and reviews of gun cases by comparing various types of gun case materials. In case if you have very limited budget and unable to buy an expensive good metal case, you can use plastic case, but I strongly recommend that using plastic case is suitable for only when you leave your gun at home or travel in very short distance. If you already have plastic case and you want to carry it with you for a long trip, instead of buy a new metal case, you may use the existing plastic one but add additional material that is thick, high density foam to absorb the hits your case will take in baggage handling.

Best Coffee Machine – Must-Know for Latte Lovers

One of the top all-time favorite coffee varieties around the world is latte. Latte for instance uses espresso as its base. Thus, if you want a remarkable latte, you need an espresso machine in order to create latte and other drinks such as cappuccino. The best coffee machine for latte is primarily designed for espresso. The espresso-based beverage contains larger steamed hot milk compared to its cappuccino counterpart. The best coffee machine produces foamier latte with sweeter flavor compared to cappuccino as well. The machine basically produces latte through steaming the milk. The froth is whipped into the steamed milk and the concoction is mixed to the brewed espresso base. The best coffee machine for lattes is essential in order to make the process much easier and better. There are various things you need to consider when looking for a coffee maker that’s ideal for lattes. For instance, choose the right model and brand with tested reputation. Make sure the coffee machine is ideal for your budget.

Essential Details about the Best Coffee Machine for Latte

Coffee makers are not created equal especially for latte lovers. There are two important things you need to decide on when planning to buy your coffee machine for latte. best coffee machine Espresso latte machines are classified into two types namely the steam and pump driven models. The best coffee machine offers the best results based on your coffee making needs and preferences. The steam driven machine operates through pressuring the steam in order to force water to the ground coffee. Pump driven coffee machines on the other hand use an electric pump in order to create the same process. The best coffee machine gives you quality java with the most superior performance. According to some sources, pump driven machines are considered more innovative and advanced, thus offering more pleasing results. However, it is an option that would cost you more than its steam driven counterpart. You can still find top quality steam driven models that are affordable without sacrificing the taste of your latte. The best coffee machine may also differ in terms of its design and function. Pump driven coffee makers for instance have two types. First, you will find a semi-automatic machine offers less automation compared to its super automatic counterpart. Super automatic coffee machines nearly do all the functions while semi-automatic has automation restrictions.

Experts recommend semi-automatic machines for owners that have reasonable skills in making espresso or latte. You can opt for this type of machine if you want more control over every aspect of the latte making process. The best coffee machine for those that want no-hassle latte brewing and making is the super automatic type. This is the best choice if you don’t want to bother with all the guesswork and you want delicious latte in no time. There are top quality coffee machine for espresso and latte such as the DeLonghi brand and models. You can also find Breville in this category as well as the Gaggia brand. Learn more about the best coffee machine for latte enthusiasts when you check out House of Baristas!

Advantages of an Electric Bike Over a Conventional Bike

Being able to own a means of transportation is without a doubt a huge boon in today’s world. Due to how hectic people’s schedules are today, being able to get to intended destinations quickly will surely be a huge time saver, and will allow an individual to be able to get more time to do other important chores or activities that he or she may have.

Now if your daily route is not too far away from you then using a car may not be that ideal. A much more practical means of transportation for you would be to use a bike. However, a problem that a lot of people have with a bike is that when they get to their destination, they can already be quite sweaty and not feel comfortable at all. If you want to enjoy the convenience in transportation that a bike can bring but without the negatives associated with it then an electric bike is what you will want to use.

One of the biggest advantages of an electric bike over a conventional bike is that it features an electric motor instead of just relying on the pedal action of a bike. This electric motor can be used as a means to augment the user’s pedaling action or can also be used exclusively in electric mode, where the motor provides all the propulsion for the bike without the need for the user to do any of the pedaling action. This is a huge advantage over a conventional bike as this makes electric bikes much more versatile. If a user wants to get the exercise that biking can give then he or she can turn the electric motor off. However, if the user wants to exert only minimal effort when biking or not exert any effort at all then the user can simply switch on the electric motor.

Another advantage of an electric bike is that it usually incorporates technologies that may not be present on conventional bikes that are available today. For example, electric bikes may feature comfort-related aspects that are much better compared to regular bikes which makes using an electric bike for commuting use a much more comfortable experience.

If you are interested in the benefits that an electric bike can give you and you want to purchase your own then bikes from EVELO are what you will want to pick. The electric bike manufacturer is one of the most trusted names in the market today so you are guaranteed that you will be able to get electric bikes that are of top-notch quality.

Also, what’s great about EVELO is that it recognizes the needs of would-be electric bike users so it offers a number of different electric bike models to cater to this specific need. For the uninitiated e-bike would be purchasers hover, the availability of different models can make the purchase quite confusing so the best way for you to have a means to compare EVELO. If that is what you are looking for then their website can give you detailed comparisons between their available bike models as well as allow users to compare EVELO bikes to models from other brands as well.

A Rifle Scope For Your Rifle

When hunting, it is very important to have the right equipment because it can also be dangerous to be out in the wild. Seasoned hunters will tell you that they know their equipment very well and are now comfortable in it that they wouldn’t be easily pushed to switch to a new product. If they already like or are used to their equipment, it can be hard to convince them to try out something new especially when they are already good at using theirs. This is especially true when it comes to their scope. You will see that most hunters who love a specific scope will stick to it or use with their other guns. They may also have a similar scope to it or something that is of the same brand.

On the other hand, there are still some who would be willing to try out new scopes for their guns. Some may even have different brands on different guns but still, they wouldn’t replace them often or every time except when a gun’s scope really needs to be replaced or it is a new gun that doesn’t have any scope on it yet.

Buying Your Rifle Scope

Whitetail deer hunting is popular in the US and although most of the hunters can successfully make their shot within 50 yards of their target, it is still great if you can have a scope that can be used to aim targets at a farther distance when needed. A rifle scope isn’t cheap at all. This optic accessory can be very expensive depending on what materials it is made of. Some hunters even say that the rifle scope is even more important than the rifle itself. This is because no matter how great your rifle is, if you cannot see what you are shooting at, you will most likely miss your target.

Check The Glass

The first thing that you should check when purchasing a scope for your rifle is the glass it is made from. A lot of hunters swear by German made optics but that doesn’t mean you should not consider other brands too. Most of the brands that produce high quality scopes get their glass at the same provider. The difference lies on how they treat the glass so as to help reduce glare, prevent it from being scratch or any other features that help with the use of a scope.

Personally Check Your Rifle Scope

Apart from reading nikon rifle scopes reviews, it is also important that you try out the scope and personally see it. You can go to a local shop then look through the scope to see if you like it. A great way to test it is to focus on a very dark corner in the shop and then see if the cross hairs are still visible even if the light is low. This helps make sure that you can use it in the field where there isn’t much light especially when the day is already about to end.

Memory Foam Pillow Reviews – Characteristics Of Quality Products

A quick look at memory foam pillow reviews will give you an overview of this type of investment. Even though the price tag is significantly higher than other types of pillow mattresses, memory foam is a viable investment for a good night’s sleep. In fact, people that want to boost their sleeping pattern to ensure overall health and wellness are willing to shell out extra cash. Based on memory foam pillow reviews, this product offers numerous health benefits compared to other pillow types such as latex and support. Memory foam is basically made from polyurethane materials and other additional chemicals that increase the foam’s density. You can read more memory foam pillow reviews and find out how this pillow type is highly considered for better quality sleep. The memory foam construction is inclusive of millions of open cells with spherical shapes.

Memory Foam Pillow Reviews for Wise Investment

memory foam pillow reviews Memory foam pillows are quite unique because the polyurethane foam is known for its sensitivity in weight and body temperature. The temperature sensitive foam is significantly firmer especially in cool temperatures, making it more viscous. According to memory foam pillow reviews, the memory foam becomes softer especially in warm temperatures, giving it a more elastic feature. There are memory foams that have higher density compared to others in the market such as in the Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Memory foam pillow reviews reveal that this type is particularly temperature sensitive, making it more responsive to body heat. The response to body temperature or heat results to the foam’s molding capacity and conforming to the shape of the body in a matter of minutes. According to memory foam pillow reviews, the capacity of the memory foam pillow to be sensitive to body heat and conform to the body’s shape is the reason why there is a “melting in” experience when using the product. You can find memory foam pillow reviews that also show the molding ability of memory foams which makes getting up or moving on your bed at times difficult. Although it is a disadvantage to some, others find it soothing and pleasant especially if they want to enjoy sleeping in a little bit longer.

Unbiased and comprehensive memory foam pillow reviews are good tools you can use to learn more about this particular investment. Many people are quite torn between buying memory foam pillows and settling for ordinary or regular pillows. One of the top reasons why memory foam is a remarkable and worthwhile investment is that it offers a therapeutic relief especially for back and neck pains. You can check out memory foam pillow reviews to decide whether you need a lower density or high density pillows. There are health benefits of memory foam pillow mattresses but there are also setbacks based on customer reviews and ratings. The purpose of these memory foam reviews is to help you weigh your choices. Find more Memory Foam Pillow Reviews and make sure you get substantial information for a sound and wise investment on memory foam products.

Brush Your Teeth Right

When you’re brushing your teeth, you should do it correctly. That’s because you have to do more than just scrape unwanted particles off of your teeth. You still have to make sure that you apply a solution on each of your tooth so that they would stay or become healthy and you also have to clean your gums as well. Also, there’s your tongue that you should also be concerned about. Take note that your teeth are mostly directly in contact with your tongue so you have to clean it too. There’s also cleaning the spaces in between your teeth that you should bear in mind. You have to clean your whole mouth seriously on a regular basis for the sake of your teeth so that you would be able to prevent having diseases related to your teeth. For some information about the tips mentioned about tooth brushing, please continue reading.

When you’d brush, you have to do it right. It’s not merely enough that you brush off things from your teeth. You have to use quality toothpaste, great toothbrush and know the methods on how to brush one’s teeth properly. There are many commercial toothpastes that are being sold in the market today but you may choose what’s best for you by consulting with a dentist first. If you’re not that confident about comparing different products, you should just go to a dental surgeon and then ask. When you’d visit a dentist, you would not only be given the opportunity to have vital information but also get your teeth assessed as well. After your mouth has been evaluated, you would know what type of toothpaste is ideal for you. Take note that there are those that are specially made for the whitening and conditioning of teeth and others for the maintenance of a person’s oral cavity. Once you’ve already selected one type of toothpaste, you should then look for a great toothbrush to use. You may go for the traditional type that has lots of bristles or models that are battery-powered. If you could, you should look for best electric toothbrush options on the web and then choose one of what you’d find so that you would be able to brush your teeth thoroughly. Most if not all electric toothbrushes have sensors, built-in battery, extra bristles and also chargers. They are much more reliable compared to typical toothbrushes because they can be used manually even though they can run on electricity and they can efficiently and effectively clean one’s mouth. With it, you may not have to purchase a dental floss. You can use it to get rid of unwanted things on your teeth and tongue and so that’s why it’s practical to buy.

Instead of just applying toothpaste on your teeth, you should reach the anterior and posterior portions of each tooth. Brush your upper and lower teeth but remember to rinse before and after so that you would be able to maintain the environment of your oral cavity and keep your mouth hydrated. Brush your tongue if you don’t have a special tongue cleaner because large amounts of leftover food particles get stuck there sometimes.

Beard Trimmers: Consequences Of Not Using An Excellent Quality Trimmer

Indeed, the way your beard looks is partly the result of the type of beard trimmer that you utilize for trimming your beard. That explains why you have to choose the best beard trimmer. There are just so many benefits that you can get out of using the best facial hair trimmer. Although they can cost more compared to other ordinary beard trimmers, the excellent-quality facial hair trimmers can do more to help you make your beard really look good. Hence, you can be certain that what you are paying for is all worth it.

Using the excellent-quality facial hair trimmer should be one of your priorities when it comes to the beard grooming tools that you should have. If not, you will have to face the consequences of not using the excellent-quality beard trimmer, which can often give you stress. Although you can save from buying an ordinary beard trimmer, you will not really get more benefits from using it. What are the consequences of not using an excellent-quality facial hair trimmer? You might ask. First and foremost, if you do not use an excellent-quality beard trimmer, you cannot expect the beard trimmer to last long since it is basically made of poor-quality materials that are not designed to last for a longer period of time at all. In fact, they are only created for occasional use. The thing is you cannot use the beard trimmer too often since it gets worn out too easily. Hence, there is a greater possibility that you will have to buy a replacement for it only after several uses, particularly when you tend to use it too often. Second, if you only choose to buy an ordinary beard trimmer, there is not much to expect when it comes to the features that are added to the beard trimmer. For instance, it can be quite hard to predict if the blades need replacements or if there are still enough batteries left when you get a poor-quality facial hair trimmer since it does not have some features that indicate such information. Third, if you do not pick out an excellent-quality beard trimmer, chances are you cannot get the best finish for your beard. After trimming your beard, it rather feels coarser, which is not a good thing at all and you definitely do not feel comfortable with it. Fourth, if you do not select an excellent-quality facial hair trimmer, it can take time to figure out how to use it since it is not actually user-friendly. As a result, you might even hurt yourself while figuring out how to use it. Last, you cannot enjoy the ergonomic benefits that a high-quality beard trimmer has. Usually, an ordinary beard trimmer does not have an ergonomic feature. That is the reason why your hands may feel tired even only after using the beard trimmer for a short time since it does not really feel comfortable to hold.

Purchase The Right Shoes For Hiking

If you’re going to go hiking in a forested area or where there’s snow, you should get some hiking boots instead of just making use of conventional shoes. Casual footwear can’t take having too much cold and heat and they are fitted with materials that aren’t built to withstand extreme temperatures. Likewise, when you have some boots on, you could cover your feet adequately. As an alternative to using open footwear like slip-on shoes or slippers and sandals, you should be wise and put on hiking boots instead. These shoes are larger compared to typical shoes for casual use and they’re also fashionable to look at. They’re highly practical to use because they have superior interior and exterior. If you wish to have shoes that last for a really long period of time and those that are built for rough usage then you should get a pair of hiking footwear.

When you get a pair of shoes for trekking, make sure that you measure the sizes of each of your feet first. Measure the dimensions of each foot that you have so that you would get yourself a pair that could definitely fit on your feet. No matter how good a pair looks on you, don’t make use of them if the only way for you to utilize them is to endure pains on your heels, arches and the balls of your feet. Make certain that you only put on those that would give you comfort whenever you’d stand, walk and run. Try to not only take the measurements of the bottom portion of your feet but also the top and side parts. There are shoes that have narrow and wide widths and there are those that have collars for ankle protection. Also, there are those that have high and low arches too. Make sure that you get what are appropriate for you so that you could take good care of your feet.

Instead of merely choosing shoes because of their design, you should be wise and select those that have superior features. To be exact, since you’re going hiking, you should select a pair that has lugs plus rubber soles underneath. Make sure to check the ridges underneath the soles of shoes so that you’d be sure to get those that could provide you with great traction. Try out the friction of a pair of shoes by putting them on. With them on your feet, you should attempt to not only walk and run but also jump. That’s so you would know whether or not the shoes that are in front of you are highly durable. When you’re wearing some shoes, assess your comfort. After all, you would only be wasting money when you’d get a pair that would cause you constant pains or discomforts.

To find some of the best shoes that are being offered to hikers worldwide, you could search the internet for review sites that have some of the latest shoe models on display. Read shoe reviews on the web to find out about the different features of shoes and to compare various models so that you could find a pair for yourself. You could do that or try looking for leading merrell moab mid waterproof shoes that are highly practical to use. Sometimes, although branded shoes are pricey, they are worth purchasing because of their style and attributes.

Quitting Smoking

Many People that want to try and quit smoking, take up using e-cigarettes but, although e-cigarettes can result in people smoking less real cigarettes, it hasn’t yet been proven that they stop people smoking. An e-cigarette is used in the same way as a regular cigarette and that it is lifted to the mouth and smoke comes out the end, some even have the ends of them light up as draws are taken in which, in most cases replaces the habit of smoking regular cigarettes but does not actually relieve the craving for nicotine. A substitute that has been proven to help people stop smoking though, is nicotine inhalers. Although with inhalers, nicotine is still taken into the mouth, the nicotine does not reach the lungs where it can do the most damage.

Anyway, if you are considering taking up e-cigarettes, you will need to start with a starter pack and one of these is not always cheap although by going to – Jacvapour discount code you will be able to get a discount on one. A starter pack should come complete with the vaporizer, a battery and a variety of flavourings. It should also come with the necessary attachments to charge the battery as usually the batteries in these starter packs are not too powerful and so will need recharging regularly. If course though, once you have bought your starter pack you can of course buy a more powerful battery or even a second battery if you prefer but, to start with at least, the battery supplied should be powerful enough. It is later, perhaps after about 3 months of use that people look to buy more powerful batteries. The reason for this is that as you gt used to the e-cigarette, you may decide that you want to use them at different strengths and there are batteries available that allow you to alter the strength. Plus of course, with a stronger battery, if you don’t use it at full power, it may be able to last you all day without having to be recharged.

Although the starter pack is perhaps expensive, it is at least a one-off cost as you will not need to buy another one, just some of the components of the pack. Often the starter kits as they are known as, will come with at least a couple of different flavours, there are in fact now, a very large assortment of flavours available and so you can experiment until you find one that you like best, Once you have found the flavour that is your favourite, you can then buy that flavour in bulk and that will turn out cheaper than buying them in retail size bottles.

The jury is still out on as to whether or not e-smoking can affect the health of people around the smoker but as most of the vapour produced from the e-cigarettes is water, It will probably be decided that they are safe as far as second hand smoke is concerned.