Choosing Audio Equipment To Compliment Your Lifestyle

Here at Gutwallow you know we are avid consumers of all types of media, whether it’s the latest HBO series or the newest Beyonce album; if it’s hot, we have got to have it!

From vinyl to Steven King novels, we are consummate consumers of all things pop culture. If we did have to choose a medium that we prefer above them all however it would probably be music. We just can’t help it, when music moves us in a way where we can’t help but tap a foot or break out into a full-blown salsa dance.

So, when our Editor in Chief Karen recently upgraded her iPhone, she nearly had anĀ existential meltdown when she realized she couldn’t enjoy her music with her old headphones like she used to. Without music, her life would have been meaningless. For a woman with big bright curly hair, red lipstick and a flair for Latin drumbeats, this simply was not a possibility.

Thankfully, we work as a team here so we quickly got to work researching what type of headphones could work with her new iPhone. We quickly ruled out Bluetooth headsets because of their inferior audio quality and the fact that they have to consistently be recharged. Given our Editor can barely remember to keep her phone charged (she’s got battery banks stored EVERYWHERE) using Bluetooth was just not an option.

So we had to look for a corded, lightning-connected type of headphone to suit her particular needs. Did such a thing even exist? We were sweating, and so was Karen. Thankfully, one of our interns stumbled upon a fabulous resource for just this problem called Apparently “cans” is an industry slang term for “headphones”, which made sense as the whole site featured only Lightning-tipped headphones. We compared headphones with their handy comparison chart and soon we knew we were on to something here. The world wasn’t going to end after all!

In the end, after much debate among staff and interns alike, we decided on surprising Karen and ordering what we determined to be the best set for her (medium price range, feature packed, even including an EQ app, which is perfect because she absolutely LOVES apps as well!) would be the Fidelio M2L unit from Philips. karens new headphones

Sure, Philips isn’t the most “flashy” brand out there, but that’s fine with us because what they lack in “style” they make up in “detail”. The specs on these headphones were so impressive we knew they’d be perfect for our Editor as she could use them just as easily in the office, walking home (she lives down the block) or even relaxing at home on the couch (if she ever does that, we’re not sure she even sleeps).

In the end we ended up giving them to her last Friday as her birthday was the following Sunday and we couldn’t wait any longer to see how she liked her new headphones.

Needless to say she was pretty ecstatic. After opening them up and pluggin them in to her play her favorite “Ricky Martin” track she promptly gave everyone big hugs and big red lipstick-imprinted kisses on the cheek. She’s a vibrant woman and it seems these headphones were just what she needed.

If you are shopping around for something to plug into your new iPhone 7 then we’d recommend you check out just like we did as they break down what is available and the pros and cons to make your research all the easier.